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Firstly, let me introduce you to the Ryukyu Kobudo Ryukonkai.
In 1973, a traditional martial arts dojo named "Shudo-kan" was founded in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture. This Shudo-kan was established by Master Kotaro Iha, holder of Okinawa's designated intangible cultural heritage "Okinawan Karate & Old Martial Arts." Subsequently, in 1981, the "Ryukyu Kobudo Ryukonkai" was formed. Since its inception, Ryukonkai has been committed to the healthy development of young people, service to the community, and the promotion and preservation of traditional Karate and martial arts.

The dojo is located in the central part of Okinawa Prefecture. Influenced by the U.S. military stationed in Japan and numerous foreign instructors, it has expanded its branches abroad. However, until now, there were no branches in mainland Japan.

Ryukonkai Toyama was established after I, Futonagane, received direct instruction from the chief of the Shudo-kan headquarters, Master Mitsutada Iha, since 2020. I was granted the instructor license in 2022. With permission, I subsequently founded:

June 2022: Ryukonkai Toyama KuyoーJuku Uozu Branch
January 2023: Ryukonkai Toyama Tonami Branch
This has allowed the spread of the philosophy and techniques of Ryukonkai within Toyama Prefecture. I am committed to pursuing the essence of Ryukyu traditional martial arts and contributing to the growth and development of our members.


On May 20th 2023, Ryukonkai Toyama was featured in the Kita Nippon Newspaper and WEBUN!"



  • 【Basic Schedule】
      Ryukonkai Toyama Tonami-Branch

      Ryukonkai Toyama Kuyojyuku-Uozu-Branch 

      Ryukonkai Toyama Uozu Police Station's Dojo

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